Locals that frequent the streets of Flushing know that Flushing Noodle Shop is one of the go-to spots for window hanging roasted meats. One of the most popular dishes on the menu is their Three Different Meats on Rice. On this visit we opted for bbq pork roast pig and roast duck. On arrival the dish consisted of the white rice splashed with soy sauce the three roasted meats we chose and a side of pickled cabbage. We started with the bbq pork which featured pork tenderloin lacquered in a sauce that had hints of soy sauce hoisin sauce and maltose. The bbq pork was tender and not too sweet. Next we moved onto the roast pig which featured skin-on pork belly roasted with what tasted like five spice and white pepper. The pork belly was juicy fatty and the skin was so crisp that it resembled pork rinds. Lastly we tasted the whole roasted duck which during this visit consisted of succulent breast meat with skin that was crispy like potato chips. Whether you’re a big eater or looking to sample a variety of roasted meats on the cheap the Three Different Meats on Rice will hit the spot.

Cost of Three Different Meats on Rice: $6.50
Time Available: Monday to Sunday – 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
Where to Eat: Flushing Noodle Shop
Address: 13542 Roosevelt Avenue
Contact: 718-353-1166

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